Barcelona, 1,995. Eni Gómez, a graduate in Biological Sciences from the University of Barcelona, who specialised in Trichology, established the Centro de Tecnología Capilar (Hair and Scalp Technology Centre) in response to growing interest in, and need for, hair and scalp care.



Since then, technological progress and the team's expertise, has resulted in CTC becoming a company that specialises in research and development of hair care technologies and products and is unique in Spain.




“Knowledge of a unique structure – human hair – and of its behaviour aroused our curiosity some time ago. Today, technology allows us to see this complex filament and understand what it is and how it is formed, and this makes our work fascinating”
Eni Gómez, biologist and founder of CTC



For us, the research and development cycle is ongoing, thanks to the new technologies that make it possible to develop ever more competitive products for a sector in which requirements and demand continue to grow.

Our extensive background in partnerships with multinational companies and prestigious pharmaceutical and cosmetics laboratories has given us an understanding of what the market really needs.

Our passion for hair has led us to make all our experience and know-how available to beauty salons, so that they can offer a competitive and reliable hair diagnosis and treatment service.



Almost 20 years of business and professional experience in hair and scalp research have resulted in many partnerships and agreements with companies and professional bodies in the sector.



CTC is a member of:
- International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC)
- Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC)
- Barcelona Official College of Biologists (COB)

CTC collaborates with:
- University of Barcelona Faculty of Pharmacy
- Barcelona Province Official College of Pharmacists (COFB)
- University of Barcelona Scientific and Technical Services (SCT-UB)
- Barcelona Official College of Biologists (COB)

CTC has performed a training function in:
- Ministry of Education and Science (MEC)
- Institute of Educational Science (ICE)
- University of Barcelona (UB)
- Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SEQC)
- Official Colleges of Pharmacists
- Professional Association of Formulating Pharmacists (APROFARM)
- Professional Hairdressers Associations
- Spanish and Multinational Companies in the sector